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Day 5 - Sunday October 22, 2006 (Kuala Lumpur, continuation)

There are also a few temples in Chinatown. So I walk along a Taoist and a Hinduism temple. Striking is a building that's demolished but where of the fašade still remains. Hopefully this fašade will be soon integrated in a new building so that this historical architecture will be kept for future generations. By way of the Lebur Pasar Besar I walk again to the colonial district. Here I wane see the National Museum.

The archaeological investigations to prehistoric remains in Malaysia are presented in a good way. Further gets the Dutch colonial history at Malacca the attention. In 1641 the Dutch East India Company conquered Malacca from the Portuguese. By this conquering the Dutch East India Company gets the control about the Strait of Melaka. Of course there is in the museum also attention for British Malaysia, the Japanese occupation during the 2nd world war and the independence of Malaysia.

Actuality the purpose now is to reconnoitre Little India. The weather threatens to break again so I take the monorail back to the Jalan Bukit Bintang. Because the afternoon monsoon has started again its time for me to see some shopping malls. Nearby the hotel you have Lot 10 and BB-Plaza. These shopping malls are miserable when you compare them with Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall. This shopping mall exists out more than 1.000 shops. Striking detail is that there is an integrated amusement park in this shopping mall. So there is inside a 2.625 feet long indoor rollercoaster! In the meanwhile it isn't raining so hard anymore. I walk to the hotel to pack my bag.

Day 6 - Monday October 23, 2006

It's still dark when I checked out of the hotel. About half past six I stay at the monorail station of Bukit Bintang. About two hours my plane to Medan departs. The monorail arrives quickly and a few minutes later I step out at the monorail station of KL sentral station. Here I have to walk about 656 feet with my luggage. When you're flying with Malaysia Airlines and after you've bought your ticket for the KLIA Express train, you can check-in for your plane. This has two advantages because it saves time and you loose you're big luggage. The ride to the airport takes about 30 minutes. Here I only have to stamp my passport. I change my Malaysian ringgits into Indonesian rupiahs.

Jalan Raja Laut, fašade in scaffolding
Chinatown, Jalan Hang Kasturi
Entrance temple at the Jalan Tun HS Lee
Chinatown, Lebuh Pudu