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Day 4 - Saturday October 21, 2006 (Kuala Lumpur, continuation)

Mainly Hinduism Malaysian are visiting the Batu Caves. You see this especially on the parking place upon the tens of buses which are carrying the Hinduism Malaysian over here. The way upstairs takes 272 steps. At the entrance of the cave there is for the people who are interested the possibility to go on the picture with a big python or a big iguana. Inside the cave it's very kitschy. The purpose of my visit isn't the cave but the Crab-eating Macaque (also known as the Cynomolgus Monkey or the Long-tailed Macaque).

At the end of the cave I'll see the first monkeys. The Macaques, which are about 1.7 feet tall, are mad on litchi. This appears from the fact that coconuts and bananas are spontaneous thrown away when they can get some litchi. You mustn't make the Macaques curious to the content of your backpack. From a Malaysian becomes a plastic bag stolen. Next to some food contains this bag also some personal possessions of the man. The Macaque who has stolen the bag is not intended to return the bag. During a cat and mouse game the Macaque let's aggressive know that the bag now know belongs to him. After several attempts to take the bag back the Macaque has be fed up with it. He walks quit to the man and then bite him in his upper arm! Finally succeeds the man to conquer his back again. Luckily the other Macaques are less aggressive. Fine sights are the baby-Macaques who are hanging under their mother's belly.

After an hour I sawed enough. I walk back to the bus stop. Here I can directly take a bus to the centre of Kuala Lumpur. At the colonial district I get out of the bus. At a supermarket I buy some foot and next I walk via Chinatown to Little India. It's the intention to reconnoitre this district. Because it's starting raining I walk in the direction of the Petronas towers. Around 4:00 p.m. the afternoon monsoon starts heavily raining again. Luckily I found yesterday a beautiful covered pavement so I can wait on a nice place until it's dry again.

It's gone be dark again when it's getting dry. I bring my backpack to the hotel en then I gone eat somewhere. After dinner I sit sometime in Irish Pub Finnegan's.

Day 5 - Sunday October 22, 2006

In the morning I went after breakfast first with the monorail to KL Sentral station. I wane see here what's the easiest way to KLIA. At home I read namely that the public transportation not always has a handy connection to each other. Apparently this is true. When I arrive with the monorail at KL Sentral station I first have to go down by a staircase, next I have to cross a street, after that to pass some stalls, then I have to cross another street and finely I have to take an escalator upstairs to KL LRT Sentral Station. The cause of this that you have to cross a few hundred feet at an unhandy way is that the several lines are property of a few commercial organisations. Off course I wane loose tomorrow less of time when I go to the airport.

After I know what's the shortest way to the KLAI Express train to the airport I take the monorail to Chinatown. I wane see here again what they're selling. As I saw earlier they sell here a lot of watches mark cloth and DVD's. You also have a few Chinese restaurants whit good foods.

Day 5 - Sunday October 22, 2006 (Kuala Lumpur, continuation)

Monorail at Hang Tuah Station
Entrance Chinatown, Petaling Street
Chinatown, Jalan Hang Kasturi